Your brand story

Your brand story

Your brand story could be beautifully crafted scripted short films that carry the viewer on a journey that connects them with your brand.

Your brand story could be a series of short documentaries focusing on the key values and people that your audience can relate to on a personal level.

Your brand story could be a filmed event or concept experience that your audience attends and participates in.

Our job is to take you from concept to delivery and distribution into all social media sites and your branded website for maximum engagement with your audience.

Case Studies:

Wylie Wilson:

For this edgy up and coming brand we wanted to embrace the powerful and adventurous woman that Wylie stands for. She is wild, untamed and knows who she is. We created the concept and produced three stand alone online films telling a story of a young woman on a journey in the desert to find herself.


For this 125 year risk management firm working with top fortune 500 companies, their audience is CEO’s, CFO’s and upper management; we knew that they were busy, had seen it all and it would take something impactful , intelligent and to the point to get the message across. We created a powerful narrative script for a short historical film tracing the moments in history where key events have shaped our lives from the stock market crash in 1929 to the assassination JFK and 9/11. We sourced hours and hours of footage and used editing as the creative medium to bring the message home.

Lifetime Television:

Lifetime TV wanted to create a series on health for their majority female audience but they didn’t want it to be boring or too serious. They brought us in to work on the concept and produce the series. We came up with a reality format where we asked people on the street some very strange and humorous health related questions, ‘ Can you really suck the venom out of a snake bite?’ and the more provocative ‘Is sperm nutritious? ’. We then hired a real doctor to answer or dispel these myths or facts for the people on the street. What we got on film was funny and sometimes very surprising.

 WPN – On Assignment:

While working at WPN we wanted to create a series of films highlighting the incredible work of some of their top photographers. Having the photographer tell their story about covering Iraq during the fall of Fallujah, the tragedy of an urban city losing their youngest generation to violence and poverty, gypsy life changing through modernization and wealth and a study in portraits of everyday people in Russia and our perceptions of them versus their true story. All of these photographers put their soul into creating this imagery and creating these films gave them a voice from behind the camera.

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