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Story telling...........

Story Telling…….

We are constantly developing new ideals for short film and documentaries both independently and with production and broadcast partners.

Over the last twenty years or so coverage of news stories and documentaries has been vast, crossing the front line with the Mujahideen for the fall of Kabul when the U.S. assisted the overthrow of the Taliban in Afghanistan. In Gaza the covered a dangerous story about female suicide bombers for  National Geographic. During the NATO invasion of Kosovo however ended up in a short kidnapping situation on the way through Albania. Every country has a different story and Séamus has covered a lot of them including Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Kosovo, Somalia, Serbia, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Burundi, India, Kashmir, Malaysia, Thailand, Turkey, South Africa, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe for magazines such as LIFE, National Geographic, People Magazine, Newsweek, TIME, Stern and Paris Match. Seamus has also worked for TV news organizations such as CNN, the BBC, APTV, ABC, MBC, NHK, Canal Plus, ITV and Channel 4 Television.

We do not take any unsolicited ideals without it first going through the correct channels.


When we work with artists and bands, we engage in a dialogue that is centered on their history, experiences, and unique perspective. By having these conversations, we are able to open the vaults and uncover stories, memories, and experiences that can serve as the foundation for a great film. Whether it’s an artist’s personal archives, behind-the-scenes footage, or interviews with family members and close collaborators, we are always looking for ways to tell a compelling story that resonates with audiences.

we pride ourselves on working with a large and diverse pool of talented Emmy and Oscar-winning filmmakers and producers. With decades of experience in the industry, we have established strong relationships with some of the most respected and accomplished professionals. With our background in film and documentaries, we are uniquely positioned to develop feature film documentaries on artists and bands that are popular in the music industry. We believe that these documentaries not only provide fans with an intimate look into the lives of their favorite artists, but also serve as a good potential revenue stream for the artists.

We understand that the music industry is constantly evolving and that artists need to find new ways to monetize their music and brand. By developing feature film documentaries on artists and bands, we are providing them with a new revenue stream that can help them to achieve their goals and build their brand value in the long term.

We believe that our expertise in film and documentaries, coupled with our understanding of the music industry, allows us to create high-quality feature film documentaries that resonate with audiences and provide a unique perspective on the artist’s journey.

Music feature documentaries are often deeply rooted in the artist’s past performances and life experiences. To capture these important moments, filmmakers may heavily rely on archival material, including footage from past performances and family archives.

Archival material is a critical component of music feature documentaries, as it allows filmmakers to showcase the artist’s journey and highlight the pivotal moments that have shaped their career. This may include rare footage of the artist’s early performances, backstage moments, and interviews that provide insights into their creative process and personal life.

Family archives are another valuable source of material for music feature documentaries. These archives may contain home movies, photographs, and personal recordings that offer an intimate glimpse into the artist’s life and upbringing. By incorporating these materials into the documentary, filmmakers can provide a more complete and nuanced portrait of the artist, allowing audiences to connect with them on a deeper level.

Archival material in music feature documentaries is a life blood that needs to run throughout the production and working closely with our clients to identify and access these valuable resources in the preproduction process is valuable. We have experience working with a wide range of archival material and understand the challenges involved in obtaining and licensing these materials into the final production.

By incorporating archival material into our productions, we strive to create compelling and engaging music feature documentaries that resonate with audiences and offer a unique insight into the artist’s life and career.

Distribution. Whether it’s a music feature documentary or a short promotional video, we work closely with our clients to develop a distribution strategy that meets their specific needs and goals. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive suite of services that empowers our clients to succeed in today’s competitive media landscape.

By working with a range of streaming and broadcast partners, we can offer our clients unparalleled distribution options. We leverage our relationships with these partners to negotiate favorable distribution deals that maximize our clients’ revenue potential and reach.

Streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime have revolutionized the way that people consume media. These platforms have massive subscriber bases and offer a global reach that traditional distribution channels cannot match. By partnering with these companies, we can distribute our films to millions of viewers around the world.

Similarly, broadcast partners such as cable networks and international broadcasters offer a valuable distribution channel for our films. These partners have established relationships with audiences in specific regions or demographics, allowing us to target specific audiences and maximize our clients’ exposure.

We approach each project with a deep appreciation for the artist’s legacy and a commitment to capturing their essence on film. Our team of talented filmmakers and producers work tirelessly to craft a narrative that is both informative and entertaining, capturing the unique spirit of the artist and their music.

Kevin Walt is our dedicated A&R man that will help setup a fact finding call for you to start these discussions. Contact Kevin directly here…