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Key Roles for our crew


Creating a high-end production involves a wide range of roles and professionals to ensure every aspect of the production is quality.

Here’s a list of key roles commonly found in our productions:

  1. Director: The director is responsible for overseeing the creative vision of the commercial, guiding the actors and crew, and ensuring that the final product aligns with the client’s objectives.
  2. Producer: The producer manages all aspects of the production, including budgeting, scheduling, hiring, and overall project coordination.
  3. Director of Photography (DP) or Cinematographer: The DP is in charge of the camera and lighting departments, making creative decisions on framing, camera movement, and lighting to achieve the desired look and mood.
  4. Art Director: Responsible for the visual aesthetics of the commercial, including set design, props, and overall production design.
  5. Production Designer: Works closely with the art director to create and execute the visual style of the commercial, ensuring that it aligns with the director’s vision.
  6. Costume Designer: Designs and selects costumes for the actors, ensuring they fit the characters and visual style of the commercial.
  7. Choreographer (if applicable): If the commercial includes dance or complex movements, a choreographer designs and rehearses the sequences.
  8. Location Manager: Finds and secures suitable filming locations, obtains necessary permits, and manages logistics related to shooting on location.
  9. Scriptwriter: Develops the script or screenplay for the commercial, including dialogue and narrative elements.
  10. Storyboard Artist: Creates visual storyboards that outline each shot and scene in the commercial.
  11. Casting Director: Responsible for casting actors, models, or talent for the commercial, including conducting auditions.
  12. Makeup and Hair Stylists: Prepare and maintain the appearance of the actors throughout the shoot.
  13. Wardrobe Stylists: Assist with costume changes, wardrobe fittings, and ensuring that clothing looks pristine on camera.
  14. Gaffer and Grips: Handle lighting equipment and rigging, working closely with the DP to achieve the desired lighting effects.
  15. Sound Engineer: Records and manages audio for the commercial, including dialogue, music, and sound effects.
  16. Editor: Edits the footage to create the final commercial, making creative decisions on pacing, transitions, and visual effects.
  17. Colorist: Enhances the visual quality of the footage through color correction and grading.
  18. Composer or Music Supervisor: Selects or composes music for the commercial to enhance its emotional impact.
  19. Sound Designer: Adds and enhances sound effects to create a more immersive audio experience.
  20. Visual Effects (VFX) Artists (if applicable): Creates and integrates any digital or visual effects required for the commercial.
  21. Post-production Coordinator: Manages the post-production process, including workflow, scheduling, and communication between departments.
  22. Client Representative: Represents the client’s interests and provides feedback and approvals throughout the production process.
  23. Production Assistants: Assist with various tasks on set, helping to ensure a smooth production process.
  24. Catering and Craft Services: Provide food and refreshments for the crew and talent during the shoot.
  25. Stunt Coordinator (if applicable): Oversees and choreographs any stunt sequences for safety and realism.

These roles may vary depending on the complexity and specific requirements of the production. Collaboration among these professionals is essential to achieving a successful final product that meets the client’s objectives and maintains a very high level of quality.