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We have gone to great lengths to protect and track misuse of our images. Each image has several digital fingerprints that can be tracked and identify the computer ID that took the image. The IP address of every viewer to this site is recorded along with the page views. This information is used only for security reasons and is not shared with anyone.

It is illegal to take and use any part of the articles and the images on this web site without licensed rights to do so. Any misuse will be handled with the full extent of the law. copyright infringement is valued at $100,000 per image and will be enforced in the court of law.

If you do not understand the copyright law you firstly should not be using images in print or online. I may refer you to this site for a better understanding.

Seamus Conlan Photographer will not allow any blog or sharing site to repost their work without a license or agreement to do so. Posting any of the material is a copyright infringement.

Please contact us directly for license use either by email at [email protected] or by calling us directly at the office number Tel:+1.818.620.3825