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    We pride ourselves on working with a large and diverse pool of talented Emmy and Oscar-winning filmmakers and producers. With decades of experience in the industry, we have established strong relationships with some of the most respected and accomplished professionals.
    Séamus Conlan is a Photographer and Director based in New York and Los Angeles working with film, television and print for brands, advertising agencies and the entertainment industry in America and internationally. With over twenty years of experience in the creative world working in all media – Radio, Television and Outdoor Media, Exhibitions, Museums and Art Institutions as well as working with advertising agencies and production companies for brand identity and full concept design and multimedia.
  • Video Production Services
    NEW YORK – LONDON – LOS ANGELES As a Director/Cinematographer working and living between New York, London and Los Angeles over the last twenty years or so has built not only a strong sense of the areas and the locations it provides but strong relationships that are key to getting a production quickly up and running so we can relax and create some beautiful imagery. A well oiled machine where we don’t have to second guess and can focus on the job at hand”. Seamus Conlan When hiring for a shoot it isn’t just about the photography as it need… Read more: Video Production Services
  • New York Production Company
    NEW YORK – LONDON – LOS ANGELES Unlike other production companies, our approach is firstly image lead with Seamus Conlan being the Director and Cinematographer. By producing our own productions Seamus, feels that he can creatively push the boundaries further and achieve more. We never rule out partnering with other production companies as everyone brings their own skill set and can enhance the process. The key to any production is to work with a mature team that is not afraid of creative challenges and that have the skill set to reach these new goals and achieve them, smoothly. Quality means… Read more: New York Production Company
  • Biography
    Séamus Conlan is a Photographer and Director working between New York, London and Los Angeles, with film,  television and print for brands, advertising agencies and the entertainment industry in America and internationally. Séamus was named the 16th of the “100 most important people in photography” in American Photo magazine decade roundup for creating the 4th largest photo agency in the world- WpN, an international agency with over 5,000 media clients and with 700 photographers in 72 countries.   Life Magazine honored him for having taken one of the ‘100 images that changed the world’  ‘The Lost Children of Rwanda’ after… Read more: Biography
  • Key Roles for our crew
    NEW YORK – LONDON – LOS ANGELES Creating a high-end production involves a wide range of roles and professionals to ensure every aspect of the production is quality. Here’s a list of key roles commonly found in our productions: These roles may vary depending on the complexity and specific requirements of the production. Collaboration among these professionals is essential to achieving a successful final product that meets the client’s objectives and maintains a very high level of quality.  
  • Behind the Scenes
    A little look behind the scenes at our most recent work that we can show …..
    WORKING WITH THE MUSIC INDUSTRY DEDICATED A&R That’s why we’re excited to have Kevin Walt, an experienced A&R music professional with 30 years of industry experience, on our team with Seamus Conlan. With Kevin’s insight and relationships in the music industry, we’re able to bridge the relationship between the artist, management, the Director/Cinematographer and the production company, ensuring that everyone’s needs are met and the production process runs smoothly. From working with the artist to capture their unique style and message, to collaborating with management to meet their expectations and budget, to ensuring that the final product is of high… Read more: MUSIC VIDEOS
  • Commercial Photography
    “Iconic imagery has always played a significant role in human communication and expression, and this remains true in today’s world. In the age of digital media and social networking, images and icons have become even more vital in conveying messages, representing brands and ideas, and communicating emotions and stories. Over the years Seamus has built a very dedicated team and crew of professionals, hand picking fantastic lighting engineers to tech staff, retouchers and a variety of make-up artists and stylists as well as location scouts. They now know each other so well that they operate very quickly and professionally on… Read more: Commercial Photography
    Commercial Casting is one of the most important elements to making sure that you get exactly what you want out of a project. We take care of this process from beginning to end. Helping you identify not only the correct demographic group that suits your brand values but making sure that the talent you have chosen can in fact represent your brand correctly when the camera is rolling. These audition pieces are usually video taped, attached with resumes, and head shots and then shared with producers, directors and company representatives. This may mean several callbacks to film the final sections and even working… Read more: CASTING