Séamus Conlan is a commercial video director and portrait photographer based in Los Angeles, working with brands, advertising agencies and entertainment clients in America and internationally.

Named 16th in “100 most important people in photography” in American Photo magazine’s and having taken one of the ‘100 images that changed the world’ by Life Magazine after initiating a photo tracing campaign in Rwanda during the genocide to reunite 21,000 lost children. The process evolved into “The Lost Children of Rwanda” one of the largest traveling photo exhibitions in history by a single photographer. This program is now a standard form of tracing people in developing nations.

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Over the years we have built a very dedicated team and crew of professionals, hand picking fantastic lighting engineers to tech staff, retouchers and a variety of make-up artists and stylists as well as location scouts that now know each other so well that they operate very quickly and professionally on every production to produce very high-quality shoots for our clients.

With our team we can take care of production from location scouting, casting, through to the video village where you see the images being created and make the necessary adjustments in real-time with our technician. We can also send them directly from the location to one of our trusted retouchers for instant clean up and put onto an online system that allows you and your team to have a controlled environment to be able to make your kills and selects through to final delivery working closely with creative directors and clients.

I would welcome the opportunity to discuss your next projects with you to see how we can collaborate together.”

Producer for Séamus Conlan

For all enquiries please email me Tara Farrell Producer.


Séamus. Great photographer with an incredible body of work. Amazing energy and positive spirit. It’s so rare to work with someone with such pure passion and openness to collaborate. A heart of gold as well. Can’t wait to do stuff with Séamus and his team again.

Nick Cohen
Co-Creative Director/Partner at Mad Dogs & Englishmen

“Seamus is awesome, a wonderful personality and also a killer conceptual thinker and maker. He pulls details out of concepts that always takes an idea to the next level. He never stops creating and pushes hard for the betterment of the work, this integrity is what makes me want to continue to work with him’.

Ez Blaine
Creative Director / SONOS

“I’ve had the pleasure to work with Seamus on several occasions when I was the head of Marketing for two different organizations.

His skills as a photographer and a creative are world-class. He delves into the details of a project until he understands what it is you want, and then improves upon your ideas and gives you something better than you could have imagined.

Seamus is both an inspired and inspiring human being. When I tell the story about his Rwandan photographs, I like to point out: He literally used his camera to save lives (astonishingly more than 20,000 of them, one at a time). Is there any higher achievement an artist can make with his/her art than to save lives?

In both the commercial work we’ve done together and the amazing We Are One Voice project, I’ve seen him conceive of powerful ideas and execute them in a way that is always authentic, and always moves people. He is a special person who makes every project the best it can be”.

Adam Castillo
VP Marketing at Blue Microphones

Seamus is amazing, in addition to being talented he gets you want you want and more. he’s a huge asset to any project small or big”.

Debbie Bondulic
Photo Editor & Producer. The New York Times former LIFE & PEOPLE Magazine